Enhance your next Conference or Event with character experiences, thrilling rides, spectacular shows and entertainment, and immersive theming.

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Justice League 3D – The Ride

In this 3D interactive ride, you’ll grab your laser blaster and join Superman, Batman and an army of Super Heroes in a 3D battle against evil!

DC Rivals HyperCoaster

Ride the tallest, longest, fastest HyperCoaster in the Southern Hemisphere! Tackle the 1.4-kilometre track for the ultimate thrill and experience the menacing 89-degree drop as you descend from its iconic Joker head.


It's a rare opportunity to see this enigmatic and mysterious Super Hero; the world’s greatest weapon against crime.

The Joker

The Joker will leave your guests intrigued and eager to learn more about Batman's most iconic and enigmatic adversary.


Rising from the depths of The New Atlantis, only the bravest will conquer the mighty Leviathan. Feel the thundering quest across wooden terrain through exhilarating banked turns, crossovers, drops and dips of the world’s most iconic wooden coaster.


As one of Hollywood’s most iconic and glamorous stars, Marilyn brings a level of chic to the party that no one else can.

Doomsday Destroyer

This monstrous ride is part of the interactive DC Super-Villains Unleashed precinct and is sure to show you that sometimes in a world full of villains, it's good to be bad.


He is our symbol of hope who is driven by truth, justice and protecting the innocent. Your event will be even more powerful with this iconic Super Hero by your side.

Batwing Spaceshot

Get ready for an adrenaline rush of epic proportions! We’ll shoot you and your guests almost 60 metres into the air and finish with some bungee-like bounces, so get ready to lose your stomach!


Take on one of the steepest inverted drops in the Southern Hemisphere! Experience 488 metres of track and reach speeds of up to 66 kilometres an hour on this adrenaline-pumping coaster.


Experience the thrill of reaching 100 km an hour in only two seconds as this Superman ride propels you forward on the Metropolis Rapid Transit!

Wild West Falls Adventure Ride

Take a wild ride through the county! Make your way past ghost towns, geysers and wagon trains out in the Wild West before ending with a splash.

Bugs Bunny

With undeniable swagger and a glint in his eye, Bugs Bunny’s charm and infectious laughter make him a welcome social butterfly at any occasion.


The Jokerettes have learnt from the very best and as his disciples are capable of just as much mischief as The Joker himself.

Lola Bunny

Lola's enthusiasm and vivacious energy are contagious at any event! She’s strong, athletic and fast, bringing uplifting energy to any party! Lola is sure to entertain at your next event.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Want to learn some Ninjutsu from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? These covert operatives are your big chance.


Revel in Robin’s adventure and inspiration! He might even teach you a thing or two about overthrowing the most experienced criminals.


Growing up on the streets of Gotham City as an orphan, Catwoman now puts the corrupt in their place. With tales of espionage, she brings fascinating mystery to any event.

Daffy Duck

Daffy is smart, calculating, funny and he never gives up! Spend some time with his hilarious antics and love of dancing at your next party.


With superhuman speed and equally quick wit, The Flash will have your guests feeling thoroughly entertained. Saving the world from evil is no easy task!


For a visual display that will have your delegates in awe, our gerbs (stage fountains) can deliver a spectacle of sparks projected up to 20 feet and lasting for up to 30 seconds.

Green Lantern

As the first Earthling recruited to the intergalactic police force and bestowed with one of the mightiest weapons in the universe, The Green Lantern is an impressive guest at any party.

Porky Pig

One of the cutest members of the Looney Tunes gang has returned for a limited time only. Invite Porky Pig to your next party while he’s still here!

Scooby-Doo & Shaggy

Get up close and personal with Scooby-Doo and Shaggy. Away from the rest of the gang, they just might be convinced to let you in on their mystery-solving secrets.

Screaming Fans & Paparazzi

You were born for the red carpet! Let your friends know who is the tinsel of the town at your special event with screaming fans and Paparazzi.

Scooby Gang

Invite Scooby-Doo, Shaggy, Fred, Daphne and Velma to your next event. They’re always on hand to solve a mystery and will make sure your guests are always protected from the unexpected!


Rocketed to Earth as a teenager, Kara Zor-El is the most powerful teen on Earth, as you’d expect from the cousin of Superman!


So adorable..and always on the run! Save Tweety from the ever-present attention of Sylvester, even if it’s just for one day!

Wonder Woman

Invite this champion for justice and equality to your next party for a close-up encounter with her Amazonian warrior spirit.


Take your event to new heights with an exceptional parade float that ensures a joyous occasion.

Junior Driving School

Time for the kids to get out of the back seat and into the driver’s seat! Give your little ones the time of their life on their very own driving course in their very own car.

Looney Tunes Carousel

Choose your favourite Looney Tunes character and make your way around this fun family ride where colour and enchantment collide.

Road Runner Rollercoaster

Make your way through the ACME Fireworks Factory through the Arizona desert in an exciting journey of twists, turns, ups and downs!

Roxy Theatre 4D

Complete with 4D moving chairs and water effects. With all the glitz and glamour of the Hollywood hills, this dual-purpose function room and theatre can be themed from ceiling to floor to your specifications. Host your private movie screening (complete with 4D motion seats) or corporate product launch, including an intimate dinner in the foyer, for a captivating event your guests won’t stop talking about.

Sylvester & Tweety Cages

Don’t get caught by Sylvester! Join Tweety in the chase and take your place in a spinning, turning adventure, up and down, round and round.

Speedy Gonzales' Tijuana Taxis

Jump in your very own taxi and make your way through Tijuana with Speedy Gonzales! This ride is perfect for the little ones who are keen to get behind the wheel.

Christmas in Main Street

An ode to Christmas in New York with a modern-day flair, Christmas in Main Street will transport you to a time when the glamour and romance of the holidays could almost melt the snow.


See one of the most iconic and influential music videos of all time in the flesh! Goulish flesh that is, with a zombie dance you’ll never forget!

Hollywood Stunt Driver

Catapult your event to new heights with extreme precision driving, comedy and action all rolled into this side-splitting, action-packed movie-making adventure!

Musicals on Main

Gotta Sing! Gotta Dance! The musical joy of Hollywood on Main Street will sweep you away with spectacular costumes, incredible harmonies and exhilarating dance routines.

Shall We Dance

Music, dance, colour and excitement all come together on Main Street in this celebration of love that will put a skip in your step and big burst of love in your heart!

Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend

Relive entertainment history on Main Street, standing toe to toe with Holywood’s Golden Age, as Marilyn delivers her iconic performance of Diamonds.

Razzle Dazzle

Feathers and top hats will take your delegates through a jam-packed medley of songs from all the glitz and glamour of the Great Gatsby and Burlesque eras.

Audio Visual

State-of-the-art lighting and top-quality sound are essential to complete your immersive environment. Our specialist team has rigged thousands of functions and will work with you to tailor the technology to engage your delegates, amplify your message and create an unforgettable event.


Bring the concert vibes to the party with a live band. Our books are heavy with Australia’s greatest performers to suit any theme.


Make your dance floor hot property at your next event. Whatever theme or playlist you have in mind, our world-class DJs know exactly how to deliver the tunes you're looking for.


Illuminate your evening with a breathtaking display of fireworks.

Laser Show

Work with our events team to create your own sea of colour and sound that comes alive. A laser show takes wow factor to all new heights!

Lawn Games

For the young and the young at heart, keep your party or event vibe thriving with activities! Our Lawn Games keep your guests entertained, interacting and having a blast!

Photo Booth

Capture the memories on your special night. With plenty of room for everyone, a photo booth will make it a quintessential night to remember.

Roving Entertainment

Add extra excitement and wonder to your event with our roving entertainment. Our talented performers will captivate and delight your guests to create unforgettable memories.

Billy Tea & Whip Cracking Demo

Around the campfire, learn how to make Billy Tea and Damper while skilled whip crackers delight your delicates with their incredible showcase, which preserves and shares these unique aspects of Australia's rural heritage.

Animal Meet & Greet

Get cosy with the Koalas, say hi to the goats, or get closer to a snake than you ever thought you might with our delightful and insightful animal meet and greet.

Stockhorse VS Quad Bike

Who will win between the horse and the quad bike? It’s a race to see which one goes faster and you might be surprised at the winner!

Stockman Welcome

Treat your guests to the Stockman’s welcome. Get up close with our beautiful animals and learn more about these indispensable working and companion animals for farmers in rural Australia

Stockman Show

From whip cracking to boomerangs, sheep dog round up and cow milking, this great Australian outback main event takes you to the heart of how talented stockmen and their trusty dogs work together.

Battle Boats

Board your ship and battle your way along the Battle Boats track in Castaway Bay! Take no prisoners!

Bikini Bottom Crosstown Express

Climb aboard the nautical Crosstown Express Bus where you are sent spinning, reeling and pinballing back and forth across Bikini Bottom city!

Donatello Ninja Flyers

Take to the skies and cruise high over New York City in a pedal-powdered glider!

Dora's Fiesta Carousel

Climb aboard a glimmering carousel and join Dora for a musical spin at the Fiesta!

Jet Rescue

Take on an exhilarating quest to save our precious marine life aboard your very own Jetski, zooming around the track at speeds of up to 70km/hr and pulling 2.5Gs.

Midway Games

Turn your next event into a carnival affair! From shooting galleries to balloon darts, basketball shootouts, Whack-a-Mole and more, your party can become a fairground attraction.

Patricks Jellyfish Frenzy

It’s time to catch a jiggly Jellyfish and whirl and swirl through Jellyfish Fields with Patrick Star.

Spongebob's Boating School Blast

Zoom, zip and zigzag on a madcap ride through Mrs Puff’s Boating School, cutting a path of destruction to rival SpongeBob’s!

Storm Coaster

​​Can you brave an extraordinary fire while drenched in water? Ride out the storm on this incredible coaster the whole family will enjoy!


Towering in the heart of The New Atlantis, defy gravity as you soar and spin freely 42 metres above the realm of the utopian destination on Sea World’s newest and tallest landmark.


Get ready to brave the colossal currents of the Vortex! Twist, turn and spin like never before as you spiral 18 metres above sea level.

Seal Guardians Presentation

Join our talented Marine Mammal Specialists as we go behind the scenes and introduce you to the cheeky Seals who will be sure to steal your heart.

Thunder Lake Ski Show

Watch the high-stakes showdown between the Sun State All Stars and the Bay City River Rats. Featuring world-class, action-packed stunts performed by some of the best athletes in the country, this is an unforgettable addition to any event!

Totally 80's

It’s big, bigger and biggest with our all-out medley of the greatest hits from the 80s. High hair and a rainbow of colours set the scene for this wild musical adventure.

Hooray for Hollywood

Experience movie magic as we take you back through the vaults of time with the return of your favourite classic characters. Enjoy Hollywood show moments with a massive all-star cast that promises excitement beyond compare!


Travel to distant lands and prepare for an evening that's big, bright, and boldly unforgettable.

Razzle Dazzle

Dazzle your delegates with the glitz and glamour of the Great Gatsby and Burlesque eras.

Movie Mania

Create your next event inside the rich history and excitement of Hollywood’s silver screen! Walk amongst the stars and get swept up in this whirlwind of theatrical glamour fit for any celebration.

Under the Sea

Delve under the ocean for a night of delightful escape at Sea World Plaza where delicious delights are prepared by our chefs for your watery wonderland fairytale event.


Experience heart-thumping twists and turns as you slide into a pitch-black spiral of darkness at speeds of up to 40km per hour.

Calypso Bay

Winding down the pace of life, float around the lazy river in a soft tube, drifting through sub-tropical gardens, the remains of a pirate castle and a Caribbean Shantytown.


Hold on tight as you take on the tightest and meanest turns in the world, hitting speeds of up to 30km per hour. Survive the triple 360-degree massive snake coils and splash down into the turbulent waters below.

Double Barrel

Standing at 12 metres high this heart-pounding raft slide is sure to become a favourite amongst your guests big and small!

Giant Wave Pool

With a sandy shoreline and gentle waves, the Giant Wave Pool is the perfect place to relax and play for all ages in an impressive 3 million litres of water!


Enjoy a slice of paradise in the splash zone. Stretching across 870m2 with gorgeous shady spots and comfortable seating for all of your guests, this is the perfect place to chill between rides.


Brave the all-new exhilarating KABOOM! With a 10-metre drop and 360-degree spins, experience zero gravity for the ultimate stomach-flipping ride!


Grab your guests and plunge down a near-vertical 11-metre drop at a steep 70-degree angle on this giant heart-stopping U-shaped slide!

River Rapids

Body slide down the Rocky Mountain themed River Rapids. Choose from four different slides and ride the all-ages 150 metres of fun all the way to the splash zone.

Super8 Aqua Racer

Challenge your friends to a ride on the Super 8 Aqua Racer as you plunge head first down the 86-metre-long slides where you’ll reach speeds of up to 40 km per hour!

Super Ripper

Propel your way down the epic all-new Super Ripper, featuring two body slides that are not for the faint-hearted!


Spin around the Tornado’s funnel in a four-person clover-leaf tube, swirling up and down the huge sides, before hurtling through the eye of the storm to the calm waters below.

Wet'n'Wild Junior

Splash, slide and play in a huge fun zone built just for the little ones, with 8 junior slides and an interactive play structure featuring a tipping water bucket!

The Joker & Harley Quinn

With the Joker’s mischievous ways and Harley Quinn so much larger-than-life, enjoy an unforgettable night with these eccentric characters.

Harley Quinn

The irreverent prankster, The Joker’s partner in crime will have you on the edge of your seat and wanting more.


Sylvester is big, slobbery, and loveable. But beware, he’s also the hunter of all things Tweety!


A cuddle with Gizmo can make dreams come true! He’s only back for a limited time so invite him to your event before he has to go back into hiding.

Tom and Jerry

Tom and Jerry love a soirée and may stop playing cat-and-mouse games just long enough to join your party to play.

Marvin The Martian: Cosmic Boom

Soar above Planet X as you descend and twist from 10 metres high on Marvin’s saucer! Perfect for the little adventurers.

White Christmas

Enjoy a Christmas experience like no other. Take your guests through a portal to our whimsical winter wonderland full of glistening light, decadent floats and street performers galore!

Totally 80's

It’s big, bigger and biggest with our all-out medley of the greatest hits from the 80s. High hair and a rainbow of colours set the scene for this wild musical adventure.

Blue Beard

The treacherous life of a pirate is never smooth sailing. Captain Blue Beard is shipwrecked and his tales of the open sea will have your guests on the edge of their seats!

SpongeBob SquarePants & Patrick Star

Mix and mingle with the one and only SpongeBob SquarePants, the beloved and eternally optimistic sponge who lives in a pineapple under the sea, alongside his closest companion Patrick Star.


Celebrate the joy, music and dance of Rio, New Orleans and Mexico in this vibrant and captivating Carnivale that will ignite your senses and light up your world.

This Is Us

This unique and captivating spectacle, featuring a medley of songs, is uplifting, visually stunning and heartfelt. Get ready to take you and your guests on an unforgettable musical journey.


Elevate your next event to a new level of style and excitement with our curated collection of classic and iconic vehicles.

Affinity by Night

Don’t go past Sea World’s Dolphin Beach Stadium without stepping inside for our unforgettable feature presentation, Affinity Dolphin Presentation by Night. You and your guest will be in awe as this beautiful exhibit shines a light on the powerful affinity shared between dolphins and their human friends.

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